Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


historical randomness....

A year ago today I was celebrating the arrival of a package from teaser all the way from South Africa... having just celebrated the arrival of a package from lothie. It was an amazing time for me as I became very much more involved in the concept of internet friends translating into people I honestly felt were real world friends. Kind of a "coming of age in the digitally social world" moment...

Oh, and I rammed a new earing through the hole that had closed up from non-use on Friday, June 8, 2001. So I've been wearing this surgical steel for a year now... and my jaw has not fucked up yet....

er... I stopped wearing an earing ever so long ago on the orders of a accupuncture theropist who was telling me that my developing TMJ problems had a lot to do with the earing I was wearing in a "focal point". Whatever. That theropist really knew his stuff, btw... and he could beat up the quack Chiropracter that took Z and I for a bundle. LOL...

Special Note: K, I clicked "spell checker" on this post and it only hit "hmm" so that means I spelled Chiropracter AND theropist properly first time... send up the balloons baybee.... (er... unless my spell checker is broken... cause it likes "baybee"...)
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