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Friday huh... well it's freaking beautiful outside... blue sky, crisp spring air and I'm prol'y gonna spend a huge amount of time in-doors at a desk. It better not rain this weekend!!

~ it's Friday... it's white... pic pic... :D
~ blue jeans, blue p-z t-shirt and while it's still a bit chilly? a denim shirt.
~ oh and it was squatchi management time this morning... so things are rather bald. :)
~ unfortunately yesterday was a bit of a bust... I was so freaking tired I could hardly keep myself awake at my desk... soooo whatever I actually did yesterday, I need to review today and today includes a document prep for another bid...
~ to go to Market Fresh after work and load up on fresh fruit and veggies...
~ dvd tonight...
~ I could talk about the shit that's getting ready to go down in my office... but I can't. Not yet. (oooo... mr. cryptic... hahaha)
~ to remind the universe that I am the number one fan of the super moms on my friends list. Z reminds me everyday - just by being herself - how much thanks, appreciation and loving moms deserve. I wish with all of my heart that you get yours... love'en that is.

Do you watch the Osbournes... I don't get the show on the out tv but I did manage to watch an interview with the gang from 15 Freakshow Street on (guessing here) 20/20? Whatever show it was, the content was interviews with the family and segments from the show... It looks like the sort of show I would love... lots of swearing, and uncomfortable reality... :) Any ways, my point is that there was this moment when one of the kids has some deal going on and Ozzi is asking about it and the kids says "well, I'll tell you but you can't tell mom." Ok, besides the fact that this is on TV, hence the notion of "don't tell..." just doesn't work, the important part was Ozzi reacting with "No, your mother and I don't have any secrets... I'm going to tell her but that shouldn't stop you from telling me..." and he goes on to get him to talk. I loved that. It struck home. Kids are always playing one parent off against the other... and "don't tell mom" is a classic part of that... His reaction was beautiful. I have actually pulled that moment into my frontals when Geo has hit me up with a "don't tell mom" and fed him the same line... with really good results. Imagine... parenting advice from Ozzi fucking Osbourne.

Ps, I have a "family pack" size box of Tim Horton's Tim Bits... they're good for you right?
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