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It's bed time for corto... and almost a new record at that... :)


~ happy birthday to young nick! nbbmom's little boy turned 4 today. It's kinda cool that I've known this guy almost since he was what? two... This is one little sugar cube that will grow up with a good understanding of music!

~ I've seen a lot of hard stuff going on with some friends... kind of a drama zone but still ... it's real people with real feelings... My heart goes out to you guys and I hope you get to tear out a page and start with a fresh (good) outlook... Love is powerful thing mochachos et mochachas... it will always find it's way. :D

~ a little peaceful heart shaped like a kitty is slipping away and climbing out of sight... and with it are my condolences for floyd and his busy busy blonde driver (read: maniac) mommy, billijean.

~ Stephanie does not have a big bum...

~ it's nice to see a smiling caren face... :)

Good night lj.

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