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Hey LJ... well I miss'ed ya this morning. I'm at home today working on a 'work plan' (or in normal talk - 'an crafty excuse for why it will take to 10 days to do something simple in somebody elses screwed up environment') for Gov Department project.

I did something new last night... it was kinda neat. One of my friends (bourbonstreet) asked me to record myself saying this thing I say to my son as I put him to bed - it's this little cutsy thing... blah blah blah - but I like it. Anyways, I reconnected my long forgotten crummy 'creative labs' pc microphone, ran up voice recorder and did the deed. So I sent it to her. Fun! I'd love to hear my friends voices... I guess that's what all the excitement was over the "excite voice mail" thing was a while ago. I didn't realize the message ended up as a .wav file that you recovered over the net... I'm going to have to set that up tonight.

ps. anybody see my goof picture yesterday... you just gotta believe me when I tell you that I actually do smile!!! Really.
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