Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


wow, way to go Carolina. The fans must be just bursting in Raleigh...

It's a late start today and the traffic is just evil.... I'll definitely be late for work today. Hey, did you watch The Mole last night? Oh my god that Katie chick is a whiney little bitch.... Of all the reality shows this one looks like it would be the most fun to participate in.

Random note: you would not believe how powerful the scent of lilac is around here... My commuter bus travels up a road called The Ottawa River Parkway and it cuts through some really nice green space along the Ottawa river... and at this time of year it is practically a forest of lilac bushes. I love this smell...

~ black ftls... new, and comfy to the max.
~ it's a swish swish day... dk charcoal noisy cargo pants...
~ long sleeve txt shirt with the orange stripe.
~ a big honking trench coat... it's raining steady out there today.
~ hmm... well my day is pretty screwed today... I have to do a client meeting for 1:00, and manage two production repair teams and I have to have a document ready for tomorrow morning... like a 20 page thing... and it's a big deal 'cause it will be a deciding factor in winning what we hope will be a one year contract for me at a heavy client location. (scary contact actually, but it will great to win it...)
~ to say hey (so... HEY!) to my friend dallandra... You made me smile so much last night!
~ that good vibes and good friends take good care of ladyfire and that she gets some good news from Norway....

k... gotta go. I hope you have a good day... and a great night.
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