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Hiya lj... OK So I sooo very badly need to find my own personal time stretcher so I can get more hours out of each day ... Yesterday went from 6:30 am to 2:30 am and I wanted MORE TIME. Is that fucked or what?

I'm a total write off today - well for sure till after lunch sometime... clients in the morning and then Parent Teacher interview at 12:45 (and he's in SK man... it's not like there's anything to tell me???)

Kathleen... I just could not squeeze the time in last night... but when I read your bitch'en post I felt totally "in your corner" and I sooo wish I had a chance to give you some moral support. (let alone some q-tips to clean out between the keys... yuck) I cannot believe he walked out the door. I should do a story about our big battle with stomach flu when George was like... what was it? I think 2.... oh man. Super Short Version: The only bathroom in the house we lived in then was ripped completely out and in mid-renovation. way yuck...

But seriously, Daren (???) needs a little punishment so think of something nasty and then blame me! I hope the little flu victim (this is me forgetting the name... sorry - me = rushing) is feeling better and remember to use PediaLite if theres no end to the puke'en and the other stuff from the other end...

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