Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Happy Birthday Lakme!

Happy Birthday Lakme!

You deserve all that you desire, and if it was within my power to give these things to you ... you would find yourself in a cozy little restaurant, eating a culturally unique meal with your lover and talking about making a list together of really goofy but wonderful things the two of you must find a way to accomplish before you DIE. So things like, tandum bungi jumping, scuba diving in St. Thomas together, appearing as extras in a movie together... all could count. You must have a nice little book-store-bought jounal book to record these musings in..

This of course would be an inexpensive way to share your birthday evening, but hopefully would be meaningful. So, I am going to lower my magic headphone head strap and assume my alter ego as Corto-Super-Birthday-Magic-Maker Man (CSBMM Man - people just say "SeeHisBumm Man") and cause SBM waves to travel across the Ontarian air to you and infuse you with this notion. It is now up to you to actually TELL HIM face to face that this is what you want to do. You will go and BUY the journal. YOU will enjoy this!... of course, you could do something completely different but this is MY wish for you so nananana! ok?

Love Corto. Happy birthday and please try to honestly feel the care and love I (and I'm sure many lj friends) have for you.

ps. Can you believe how totally goofy I look here... ahhhhhh!!!!!! The things I do for you!

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