Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Man... neighbours can be really pretty awesome...

The boys and I watched Harry Potter this morning... while Z made a run at some Garage sales. (she got "careers" ... I luv that game... :) :D)

When she was back... I made my run at the wax to do that thang (which is feeling pretty freaken groovy, btw... and thanks for asking).

Then it was all about yard work and errands... sooooo, the neighbours on one side of us were having an afternoon dinner party, and they invited our boys over to play with theirs... I'm sure it worked well for them to get their kids playing without much parental interruptions, but it worked great for us... So I made a trip to Home Depot, a Garden Center, and the Grocery Store...

By the time I got back the kids were across the street at another neighbours house playing in one of those little kiddie pools. Z got a bunch done... I hope I can share pictures of all the gardens soon... and I got a few chores done as well...

Now? Now dinner of a million vegetables is getting ready for cooking on the bbq... some tenderloin, a huge vegi mix (I got one of those "bbq - vegi - cooking tray" things!!), baked potatoes and corn-on-the-cob (the kids most fav food of all!)

oh, and two things;

~ my mother-in-law basically rawks... We (z and I) were kinda there for her a little while ago and as a "return the fav" gesture, she bought me a Garbage CD - which I have already but so? I'll exchange and the thing is ... SHE bought me Garbage!! - and included a cut out of an article about Shirley from a paper Z and I don't get... (how cool is that?)

~ //deleted comments that I am too weak to leave in// but chopped liver none-the-less.//deleted//

Tonight will be a grand evening... :)

I hope your's is going well too... :)

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