Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Hmmm... a little birdy all the way from Taiwan visited me last night... :D Hi Cara...

~ total morning sweats...
~ small mountains of yuck in the corners of my eyes...
~ well, ... a shower natch...
~ oh... er... at 11:15... I'm having every hair on my chest, shoulders and back ripped outta my body... but all in the name of good fun... I'm really hoping she's wearing a leather mask and makes me call her sir. :)
~ to enjoy a remarkably beautiful day ....
~ to let the boys finish watching 'Arry Potter (of Privet Drive...) They have been jonesing to watch this like crazy since it came into the house...
~ I get a chance to send out a groovy b-day with to a much bigger Ed than the one watching Harry downstairs...
~ that the pain (see "planning" above) is not too outrageous... :)
~ that you all have a wonderful day!!!!!
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