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Hey... Just a quick note to say that today is the 14th day of being a non smoker type guy and I am here to tell ya that it's like 3:30 ish and I have not had a single serious craving yet today!!!! This is great. Ready, suck time: You guys rawk big time for making me feel so hugely supported in this whole quit zone. I only hope I can return the favous (or "pay it forward") to the lovely copy Kats out there that are a'quitten with me.

I'm going to a hockey game (Corel Center in the company box Yeah!!! luckey fucking me... woohooo - employees rarely get to go to the box... clients usually) I'll be wearing a screamingly loud supernova like ORANGE t-shirt (just for fun). So if your watching the game and someone clad in this way falls from a box and they capture that on TV - guess who!!

ps. Lianna, would you please, please, please reach behind your neck, under your hair and pinch... No, I mean hard! with your nail tips. Make it hurt just a bit... No, come on, just do it NOW! tic* : : : : : : : : There... thanks. (I know you actually did it... and this is why you are so good for my head...) You know that I just bit ya huh.

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