Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


It's a gray day in the city... there is a threat of serious rain hanging in the air. And is this affecting my mood? hell no! hahaha... no really. I have a pretty good vibe cooking inside today... not sure where it's coming from but I like it just the same.

~ black ftls
~ dk ... um treacle? so dark green their almost black ... ahh screw it... they're black, brushed cotton jeans... you know, that stuff that feels soft when you rub it but looks like denim.
~ company golf shirt.
~ well I've managed to get really busy with work this week... which is a far cry from last week... today will be all about loading up my guys with work and working with my own client to get ready for a new round of "load tests".
~ it's a survivor night... but Survivors over so there. :)
~ we'll see what tonight brings...
~ I had several nights in a row to work on new stuff for the web site... it's really a "gotta get in the goove" kinda project.
~ that my buddy tonya has a way way better day today!
~ to send a little word of wonder out to my friend alice.... :D

hmmm... I just love the way red and black clothes look together... and this has nothing to do with that girl I saw on my way into work... nothing! J

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