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Morn'en Lj

I got a note yesterday from a friend... someone I have cared about for a long time... and - of course - will continue to care about!! She was wondering if I was put-off about anything because I haven't responded to stuff in her journal for ages. I guess I've not been a very good friend to many of you for some time now because I just cannot keep up. In truth, I still print out like 60 pages of "friends pages" every day before I leave the office and read on the commute but that doesn't provide for any "commenting". However, there is still the bazillion posts you make from 5:00 PM EST to the next morning... and I only get to scan those. Work, home and life in general is keeping me hopping and away from lj. When the next big contract comes along... which will prol'y be a defense department deal, I will be unable to connect in the daytime at all. :(

If my "not really having the chance to keep up" with you poses any kind of a problem please don't feel bad about dropping me. It's your choice. s'ok?

~ gray ftls and white comfy sox!
~ it's a blue jeans day... jeans and a p-z short sleeve... geez... this is the first day I've been able to wear a short sleeve shirt to work without a coat or a sweater so far this year.
~ ah got me big ass shoes on today!
~ I have to spend today at a training course... it's actually in this cool place... the Museum of Civilization. However, I will most likely be off-line for the day.
~ to see a girl about a horse.
~ I had more time to stay up to date with my friends...

There was this segment in the paper yesterday about the Miss Universe pageant... an excuse to toss in a few pictures of some contestants and, of course, put Miss Canada in there... The story reminded me of a bitch that I have about these "pageants"... and I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion, but none-the-less; What kind of big-honken dorks are running these things? It's a "beauty" pageant... not a talent show... not a "what are you gonna do to save the world" show... as non-politically-correct as it may be, the fact remains that it's a show about who is the most beautiful. Personally I think that's a wonderful thing. There have always been and will always be gorgeous women. For most it's a transitory condition... a few years in a life spent with an insane dedication to all things superficial. If that's your cup of tea, cool. Power to you. Miss Mexico is a phenomenally beautiful woman - well according to the pictures. What she plans on doing with her life is totally unimportant. In fact, giving her, or any of them, a microphone is a total waste of time. Put 'em all in 15 different dresses, a dozen bathing suits and walk baybee... lemmi see. Any ways, the point is they dress this shit up like it don't make you need to wipe after and that's just dumb. I don't think I've watched a pageant in 20 years and I'm unlikely to start now but I do read about how they limit the (for example) bathing suit competition because it's soooo superficial???? It's a beauty pagent you dorks! sheeesh.

ps. I kinda won the bus lottery this morning... LOL.
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