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For my friend Junebugg...
an ally update
The televised chronical of the improbably thin, goofy and otherwise unrealistic - the ally mcbeal show - was a typcial lead up to christmas effor to get deep.
There was some plot development... bones-girl and the drug lord (robby downey - was arrested again today on drug and weapons offences!!!) were getting pre christmas and he fess'es up to having a 7 year old son. He sings his brat pack coke addict heart out in this episode and I was impressed. Lets see, the son: Larry is divorced from lady B, but has a son with lady A. As the lettering would indicate, lady A came first (well actually he did -hahaha) and had the baby boy that he has not seen since the boy was 3. Now he's all depressed 'bout christmas.

Elain is all pissed - holiday blues - about everyone having relationships, so she sings in the bar. John (biskit boy) is looking to get a little long term nookie from the vestile virgin (Kimmy - that chick from square pegs that - suprise suprise - played a prude on that show) so when she says she always fall for boys that can sing... he lies and says he used to do a rock band gig in collage. Well we are treated to him doing the leather dude from Village People as a rock & roll singer in the bar. In anticipation of him sucking really very badly at this, Fish convinces Ling and Nel to play bar sluts and ask everybody to please act like they love the biskits show. They need'nt have.. he was hilarious and did not suck.
Thankfully, Rene, the woman with the largest stuck out breasts on all of evening prime time television, did not sing tonight... but she was practically the only one to not sing.
Best line: Mark (the guy that dated the hermaphrodite) in the unisex prior to Elaine sing'en tells her she's a tab bit desperate with the 'song to attract dates' deal. She says dig's him about his girlfriend with a "shlong" and then "I haven't had a boyfriend in 7 years, I am desperate."
Mark likes Elaines performance. He approaches her desk next day and asks her if she got a date out of her efforts... She says "no". He says "want one?" She regards him with that man-eater stare of hers and says "Well sure". So he says "Ummm... listen, I gotta ask, do ... uh" She pipes up "No, I haven't got a penis"
They tried to get us to be all mushy... didn't happen.

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