Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

So, does anybody besides me watch Ally Needs-a-burger-McBeal? It's my favorite "dis" tv show... you know, sit there trashing all the characters... 'cept they added whats his name Robert Downey Jr. and people have you seen this.. no prol'y not, cause far as I can tell nobody watches this show. The point is, last week he was wearing a serious RED dress shirt with a red tie and it looked great!!! He pulled off an ORANGE (yes I said orange) sweater tonight. (ok, he did not actually "pull" it anywhere... he managed to get away with wearing an orange sweater...) To me, this is great. I rebelled and stopped doing corporate dress code ages ago (before my piss ant home town - the nations capital!! - wised up) but mostly 'cause the clothes looked like some kind of a bad dream where everybody looks the same... When I have to dress, I wear great ties - lots of colour ... whatever... but a RED SHIRT... cool.

ok, I'm done.
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