Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Talk about not having your groove. I'm really moving slow today.

I did NOT want to get out of bed today.. it becomes a moot point (or as Joey would say a "moo point") once George wakes up, 'cause he runs for the bathroom and wants to be - It's really hard to explain the back story on this - wrapped up in my house coat on the floor beside the bathtub while I have a shower.. where he falls very deeply back to sleep.. So once that alarm clock wakes him up I have to get up.

~ black,... er... well you know. pic pic...
~ blue jeans, white T and a company logo emblazoned denim shirt.
~ big honking shoes...
~ kind of a lot for a Friday.
~ didn't finish that project plan for the clients yesterday... i have a half day of billable work for them today.
~ document a performance review for an employee
~ more "icon" fixen for Celeste..
~ and the corto werk-cam is on.. as always.
~ if I get a chance, a little design work on web site stuff.
~ I had a hair cut... but alas, not yet.. soon though.
~ that the damn birthday notifications were working... yea, I know about the birthday.bml page but still... the notifications were great.
~ for a morning of reading what people are wearing under all that... :)

I definitely need something.. not sure what it is.. but it's eating at me. Maybe I'll find a good rant later and do a little soul cleansing.

It can't hurt that "Dancing Queen" just came on the radio... :D
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