Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


convo with the boiz...

Dad (me): do you like skin?
George: YES! I love skin... all smoooth.
Me: Ed?
Edward: NO! I don't like skin....
George: Why not?
Edward: ICK!
Me: Gotta love the skin....
Me: Do you like the furry skin?
Edward: No! nonono!
Me: Geo? Little furry skin?
Geo: NO... I only like the smoooth skin...
Me: Well, I have to agree with you... I like the smooth skin. To many little bits to get stuck in your teeth with the furry skin... and besides... it feels yucki on your tongue.
Edward: Yucki...
Geo: ewwwwww
Me: So we're settled then...
Me: An apple for george,
Me: a peeled one for Ed...
Me: and I'll eat the kiwi.
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