Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en lj...

Oyi, I have the most evil, discusting cough... blech...

~ gray ftls
~ those new cargos... cept I have no idea what colour they are... it's kind of a pale green / khaki / gray thing with dk blue accents?
~ dk blue p-z long sleeve
~ hush puppies... and I only mention the shoes because they really are great! I know this is corny but they "hug" my feet... sooo comfortable. :D
~ lot's of work today... rebuild a project plan for the client I was at yesterday, that seminar I thought was yesterday is today and a bunch of team management stuff.
~ um... hair cut... I need a haircut... maybe tonight.
~ to send out love and huge thanks to my friend isis for clueing me in to when galebird was coming home from mickey land and reminding me about her bday! :)
~ I could taste stuff... everything except fruit tastes like burnt whatever.
~ that the first week of wedded bliss is staying er.. blissful! for my friend ladonne.
~ that my itchy pal, nbbmom is feeling better... a little less itchy... and her little charmer (nicki) is feeling better as well.
~ and.. um.. well, that my buddy indianasweetie would come visit.

Hey... who is GabbyMoe? I wanted to tell he/she how much I appreciate the nice words I read in the Gazette about the Survivor Updates. Kinda makes me feel really good!

um... so tomorrow... friday... do you "dress down friday" at work? Like jeans? And can you wear killer drop dead sexy underthings with that? Make my day! If you got it, wear it and mention what it is in your journal tomorrow... come on... I almost never ask y'all to do stuff. :D
(contemplates his morning picture...)
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