Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well good morning...
This is me putting on the best face for today. I feel like crap!! It's funny how things work out... I have to be at a seminar this afternoon and a client site this morning. So how does my day start? I overslept and my head is stuffed like a green pepper that martha stewart got her hands on.

Hmmm Toronto is really failing to carry the games past overtime, huh...

~ a huge planters peanut costume
~ black lace garter, merry widow and stockings
~ a gambling addicts diaper.
~ do you really read this part?
~ to scurry into the office and start clearing business so I can be at a client site possibly before 10.
~ going to the "congress center" for a 5 year industry trends seminar put on by Gartner.
~ to watch West Wing and add another tape of Enterprise to my now 8 strong collection. I keep taping Enterprise, but I never get a chance to watch it....
~ I felt comfortable in my own skin today... for some reason I really don't. It's like I wish I was in jeans, tennies and a sweat shirt but instead I'm in dress pants, heavy sweater and rockport shoes.... and when I look in the mirror I just feel aggravated. This will pass...
~ that my friend luscious_babe is feeling a little better today... and that she lets the prospects for a brighter future infect her heart. Anything is possible... Anything!

ok... see ya.
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