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that's a wrap.

Just a note on a new friend. I went to the stats page for lj the other night and dropped in on a couple of people that had brand-spanking-new journals to say "hey" and "welcome" etc. (going for the Mr. Congeniality award...) Well I found Stellah this way... she's on my friend list so if I get too flattering and she reads it she'll think I'm stranger that I normally am, but she's pretty dam cool. She is a designer from (where else) web land and provided me with a link to some of her work (a Thailand tourist site that I can't find the link for right now due to LJ server load!!!) ... wow! But besides the outstanding design stuff, she wins my heart 'cause she knows the value of dancing till dawn.

ps. have I mentioned how addicted I am to LJ lately?

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