Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


VCR's are all primed and ready to go...
X-Files on one and Survivor on the other. Soooo from 10pm onward I will officially be a tv rat.

We saw Star Wars Epi II today... and I love love loved it. Sure it had some really cheesy dialogue but, you know, my 4 year old liked it as much as I did... now what that says about me? I dunno, but I don't really care either... I thoroughly enjoyed ever flipp'en minute of it.

I have a million questions and observations but I'll do that later under a "lj cut" so as not to spoil anything... but I'm telling ya, it (the movie) did nothing to displell my long held belief that the Dark Side was really the good guys.

I've been living in a drug induced fog all day... hiding from my old head cold... this will, no doubt, catch up with me.

ps. I want ya to know I worked out how to spell "thoroughly" all by myself... :) (lol)

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