Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So I had another shot for the Sunday mug shot but when I looked at it... all I saw was forehead... I have enough forehead for several people lately... dunno what's up with that.

Z let me get a good sleep this morning... tylonal extra strength nighttime cold caps kinda zonk ya out. My head still feels really crummy but some coffee and fruit salad is helping.

~ a big pair of thick wooly sox over my tongue and each individual tooth.
~ well, to brush my teeth for one...
~ to shower and see I deserve to be counted among the living...
~ maybe today we'll go to the Star Wars movie... with BOTH kids... :)
~ I get a chance to check the birthday zone and see who I've missed... (sorry in advance btw)
~ that floyd is ok...

ooops... kiddies are a calling... gotta go...

See ya.
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