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Hiya LJ. So day 13 !!! Not really feeling too bad. If you thinking of quitting smoking the only advice I have so far is that week one sucks like nothing should ever suck and week two.... less so.

I've been mr. procrastination man for a few weeks on a little something somebody somewhere is paying my boss for me to do so I'm going to have to knuckle under and get bizzy with the fizzy on this one starting today.

So pals - o - buddies, I remember day one of lj land I put my actual birthdate on the bio page. Day two I changed it to the year 00. This weekend I changed it back to '62 and did some big-ass list of things-about-me that includes the cold statement of age. I gotta tell ya, as much as a whole bunch of people calling me an old fart would prol'y bug me, I just completely stopped aging when I hit 30. I actually blurted out 30 when asked my age last year and I was being sincere... Zebra delivered some woopass on my shoulder that snapped me out of my idiotic stupor enough to realize my proper age.

Any ways, the point here is that - regardless of the cliche - you are as old as you feel. The trick is to make sure there are plenty of young people around to feel! (hahahahahaha) just kidding. I think I was - deep psychological reality coming up - older in spirit before I fell in love with Garbage (the band). My taste in music has so completely expanded since then and my heart is younger for the experience.

Music not only sooths the savage beast, it makes the bastard feel a tad more vital.

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