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This is something that I posted in a body-image thread on a friends page tonight. I wasn't gonna post it here, then I read something on the lovely ms.vang's page and thought... hmmm, it's in theme tonight for some reason, so...:

- If you could design the perfect body for yourself, then what?
- Would you not then develop other insecurities?
- Would your existing emotional issues simply vanish?
- Perhaps the design would have its own flaws not previously considered!
- Would the new you include a mental updating to ensure that you existing self-concept was also rewritten?
- After a new body and a new mind, who exactly would you be?
- I like you, I have a great deal of confidence that if I ever saw you I have a sharp intake of breath at the site of you and would find you beautiful - for you are already beautiful to me because I have been looking at your heart and your soul.

So many girls today are certain that a perfect superficial them would open a door to happiness, but I've yet to meet a true beauty that did not posses as many insecurities as the women I know that are less so.

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