Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok, my turn.

1. Your Name: Andrew
2. Your Nickname: Corto
3. Your Birthday: February 18, 1962
4. Your Age Now: 38
5. Your Location: Kanata, Ontario (a place not ruled by Bush!)
6. School Grade: BA Poli Sci
7. Sex: woah... I wish... I mean I'm married with kids... someday we'll find a lock for the door...
8. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (moon child - 4 hours away from picies)

1. Real Hair Color: Dark Brown (it was blonde for a year when I was 36 hahahaha)
2. Eye color: brown
3. Skin color: ghost boy
4. Height: 5'10"
5. Shoe size: 8
6. Do you care about the way you look?: sure...
7. Do you get tanned?: Nope
8. Do you have big ears?: No
9. Do you have contacts of glasses? nope.

Am I a....
1. Wuss: Only when I'm in the 'beg for sex' mode.
2. Class Clown: sometimes.
3. Goodie 2 Shoes: never
4. Daydreamer: oh yeah
5. Drunk: never
6. Freak: does this mean "do I smoke to get high?" yes (but not for 6 weeks!!)
7. Bastard: phuck yes... when it helps.
8. Angel: dam straight...

Have I ever...
1. Eaten an entire box of Turtles?: yes.
2. Gotten in a car accident?: 6.
3. Watched "Punky Brewster"?: what is this?
4. Hiked a mountain?: Yes
5. Death Valley on horseback?: I wish.
6. Stayed home on a Saturday night just because?:did I mention I have kids?.

this or that
1. Paper or Plastic: Plastic
2. Deaf or Blind: deaf
3.Truth or Dare: Truth
4. Night or Day: Night
5. Beavis or Butthead: either one is a good candidate for DEATH
6. Ocean or Pool: hard choice... Ocean.. I don't have to clean the ocean.
7. Cake or Pie: Cake
8. Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
9. Cats or Dogs: Cats
10. Love or Lust: can't ya have both? (if I had to choose: Love)
11. Pancakes or French toast?: Pancakes
12. Bitter or Sweet: Sweet
13. Silver or Gold: Silver
14. Smoker or Nonsmoker: Nonsmoker FOR 11 DAYS
15. Diamonds or Pearls: Pearls
16. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses
17. Bacon Bits or Croutons: Croutons
18. Shaken or Stirred: lightly stirred
19. Taco or Burrito: burrito
20. Complex or Simple: ??
21. Armageddon or Independence Day: Independence Day
22. Batman or Superman?: Batman (at least he can have sex)
23. Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch: cool ranch
24. Sun or Moon: moon
25. X's or O's: X's
26. Ice crushed or cubed: cubed
27. Showers or Baths: Showers
28. Ketchup or Mustard: mustard on hot dogs

In the past week have I...?
1. Cried?: yup
2. Not known the answer at work but faked it?: yup
3. Cut your hair?: No but I need to this week
4. Worn a skirt?: Yea sure - NO, but I was thinking of wearing stockings and a garter for a turn on.
5. Worn a tie?: No
5b. Shredded a tie for the fun of it?: Yes
6. Been mean?: had to.
7. Been sarcastic?: Absolutely
8. Gone for a walk?: Yes
9. Gone out for dinner?: Yes
10. Met someone new?: Yes
11. Taken a test?: No
12. Talked to an ex: No
13. Missed an ex?: No
14. Hugged someone?: Yes
15. Kissed someone?: Yes
16. Danced with someone?: Yup!
17. Had a nightmare?: yes (it was great!!)
18. Fought with your parents?: Never

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