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Ok, WOW. I visit the profile pages of some friends that have major oodles of friends listed, and I've checked out some of the celebrity journal profiles (i.e punquin, ana)... ok, they got smart and paired down their friend list - the friends they see... ana has way over 200 people friending her list... if she friended all of them.... geez.

Ok, what's my point... I am in an ecstasy of updates. (I truly labored over that phrase). I have, like 38 friends and I AM NOT COMPLAINING... it's awesome. It's like drugs... I race to pound through the updates and absorb the information ... When I started hanging in lj land I never thought it would be like this... it really was an outlet of expression... I just posted a lot of crap never actually thinking people would read it... Ummm, this would be a good time for me to point out that, sure, I could just friend the world, but that is totally not the concept. I cherish the friends I have ... I have read your journals. I have blown some people away just cause their journal was not do'en it for me (if that sounds snobby... I guess 'tough' I mean, I do this to make me happy right?).

So, once again - a tired expression from me I'm sure - I telling you that you guys rawk and I love you all. LJ love is kinda special huh. I mean, if you saw someone hurting - from the expression on their face - while ride'en a bus or in a coffee shop would you go up to them and say "hey, what can I do... " Prol'y not. They'd - generally speaking - think you were a nut. Now, unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on your point of view) I am a nut. I talk well to total strangers and enjoy getting right inside their heads to the point where they're comfortable with me in their personal space.. but that's just me. But it's so easy to be empathetic (empathic?) here in lj land...

So: let me nail down the two central concepts.
1. I am in an ecstasy of updates.
2. I have grown emotionally since I started playing here.


(ramble ramble ramble)

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