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Tuesday, August 23 [23 Aug 2011|10:58pm]


Work is great...
... crazy, with 2 clients baking, 1 fully baked, and another getting ready for the ... baking dish.
Managing my ancient brain with four clients creates one of the those calms ... that scares old ladies at bus stops.
(mwa ah ah ah....)

Good gym time... in fact, great gym time. It's good to feel the schedule kicking in.
Hip is still a mess. and by "mess" I mean, perfectly fine, until I use my leg to "step up"... like climbing stairs.
See Super Doc on Sept 6. It aint broke... It'd swell and I'd scream a lot. So it's just hurt. Which means warm packs at night, and work'en it in the day.

My "side project" these days has been the front weed-garden (previously known as our "front lawn").
Front lawn is a bit over a half acre of theoretical lawn and with a septic weeping bed in the 100 feet before the road.
I've got the first 100 feet from the house looking mighty good. (... and by "got", I mean "reclaimed from the freakishly efficient Weed God. - no, wrong weed!, this is the bad one)
AND!!!! And I've planted clover all over the place (I mentioned that last week)... and it's already starting to bud. Is cool. :D

Jack Layton was the leader of the official "opposition" in the Canadian federal government.
Sorta like "boss of the losers"... as long as theirs enough losers to fill half the house, we're good to go.
The guy was magic... bringing the Federal NDP (kind of the "left leaning, tree hugging, union kissing" party, but don't let those anachronisms fool ya, all the federal parties are pretty much the same with different methods of screwing things up....)
No, seriously... Jack brought the Fed NDP from obscurity to official opposition status.
This was a huge deal.
He passed away yesterday from death-by-cancer.
it is a sad sad thing.
Canadians mourn.
... and americans have earthquakes.
Kinda self-centred there, don't cha think?

From all I can see... all I can read... all I hear and feel,
I'm concluding that the biggest threat to the value proposition behind Islam,
Is Muslims.

and then I loved you.
to sleep, again
and awake.
and then I loved

K... night. :)

Thursday, August 18 [19 Aug 2011|12:20am]

Another long day.
It's a good thing.
Days off... feeling like long days.

Ran errands in the morning,
More lawn stuff and napping!!! in the afternoon.
Con call with clients for work stuff...
Went to gym with Suz while Ed was at Karate
A late dinner and ... just being a sofa slug all evening.
Loving it. :)

Do you grok HTV-2
Follow "darpa" on twitter, read back the last few tweets...
Mach 20, hypersonic flight putting a delivery system anywhere on the planet in 1 to 3 hours.


Wednesday, August 18 [18 Aug 2011|12:16am]

(omg I freaking love my MacAir!!!!)

Went to sleep around 4:00… got up at 8,
Letting very tiny Asian lady chop off all my hair at 9,
Woke up my lovely zee at 10 when I got back,
Spend the rest of the day outside working on the front lawn,
Weeding… and by “weeding” I mean endless-mind-numbing-weeding (wandering across a half acre of mostly dry, dormant grass, with vast sections overrun by weeds.)
Meanwhile my neighbours yards are fed by irrigation systems and serviced by five-person-teams that show up weekly to manicure their perfectly green carpet of a lawn. Sigh. :)
I cut the “close section” (1/4 acre closest to the house) and then spent ages spreading fertiliser across the entire front yard.
See… the three greenest parts of my front yard… are the three clover patches.
No matter how dry things get or how weedy… the clover patches look lush, green and are soft as silk under your feet.
So… I have two big bags of clover (Dutch White Clover) seeds. Well, one bag, after spreading the other one on big section of the front yard.
Our grass blows…
But clover kinda rocks. :)

We went to the Parliament Hill “sound and lights” show with Ed and my MIL. It’s a Canadian history presented through very cool laser and light projections against the center block of the nations seat of government. We sat with a few thousand other people on the front lawn of the Parliament buildings – marvelling at our good fortune in still being able to be this up-close-and-personal with these buildings.

Rioters and the law.
England – sorry but it’s not “four years for stealing a bottle of water”. It’s “four years for looting”. If the fact that it was a bottle of water is salient, then that can be a mitigating circumstance to bring up in court. How ever… Looting is looting. (not to be confused with the scavenging done in a post natural disaster zone like folks were doing in New Orleans after Katrina). I can grok the side of supporter if we talk about the bad situations that lead to the unrest expressed by disenfranchised youth, social decay, etc. etc. etc…. but don’t confuse empathy with some kind of approval vibe for being a giant nut-sack looting piece-of-shit opportunist SLASH rioter.
British Columbia – You have clear evidence of people doing really bad things. How come we don’t have a legal system that can punish those people. Punishing NOONE sends a really bad message.

You can tell students they can’t bring cell phones to school or class.
You can tell students they can’t shoot video of teachers in class.
But you can’t tell students what they can and cannot post on youtube.
You can punish then for breaking rules 1 and 2, but don’t get sucked into the vortex of hell that results from thinking you can control social media.

I am the luckiest guy in the universe.


Tuesday, August 16 [17 Aug 2011|12:58am]

~ playing with "halftone" app.. :D

So... it's been a while.
Geo left for Cuba on Thursday night... well, Friday morning.
We've been in semi-regular txt contact and daily quick phone calls after dinner. :)
We are all fans of regular contact when someones traveling.

The resort he was heading to... was closed-on-arrival.
So the company relocated everyone to the next resort-over.
Blau Colonial...
So we look at pics on Trip Advisor...
First few are of a burned out shell of a building.
LOL!! (Not to worry, Blau is great.)

I went to the smaller Kanata skate park on Sunday morning when Ed was at Karate.
Place was packed... lots of bikes and ... really, no space at all.
I was uncomfortable to start with... and got maddeningly frustrated when I fell on my right hip (again) dropping in on a rinky-dink little wall. :(
I've been nursing my ach'en hip ever since.
It's ok... just a big ol'bruise.
But it's keeping me off the deck for a few days.

We've been OD'ing on True Blood. !!!

My car...
Rear breaks and pads were under warranty.
But new expensive rear-callipers,
New struts.
Three new tires...
And a new ABS sensor (holy crap !!!! $$ )
And labour...
... and now it drives like a dream...
but that little prick just cost me a small fortune.

I'm digging the whole stay-caytion thing. :D

~ l8r sk8rs

Thursday, August 11 [11 Aug 2011|11:20pm]

See that picture? See the nick in the tongue of the shoe?
This is why you wear skate shoes.
If I hadn't been wearing my skate shoes... the smack-down from a skateboard that made that nick, would have broken my foot.

Yeah... so hi. :)

I really like all the interfaces to Google +, and the "circle concept"...
But honestly... I feel like I did when I tried posting my LJ entries as links in Facebook.
It was an awkward feeling... a little uncomfortable with opening myself this way, in that place.

So I'm done with that little experiment.
I'm still going to use Google +... I'm just not sure what for... yet. :)

Meanwhile, LJ ... I think I will ride you till your bitter end.
If you go down in a blaze of hacker evil... then so be it.
I've got my LJ backup stored away. (lol, on my drive and I emailed a copy of it to myself in gmail)

Today was a pretty good day - for a client #2 day.
They're the ones fifteen seconds away from the big-ass skatepark.
I sit in a really nice "cubicle" (with a huge window, top floor)
But it's not close to the gym.
So my two days a week at client #2 have been no-gym days unless I go at night with zee.
Well I wasn't have'en any of that today. :D
I bolted for an hour and a half lunch and went to the gym.
Had a great work out... and I think I accomplished more in the afternoon at work than if I had not gone to the gym and just worked through lunch. ... that is to say, I was more productive - I think - because I got my gym fix. :)

Oh, and despite the windy, cloudy, coolish day... I was all about the skatepark after work.

We dropped Geo off at his friends house... about an hour ago.
They... and fifteen other people (his friends family and family friends)... all drive away to Montreal tonight, and catch an early morning flight to Cuba.
Suz, in classic style, has researched the cuba trip like it was a masters paper.
He's well prepared, but - of course - we're both a bit emotional about his first "out of the country trip without one of us" trip.. thing... y...
Gah, whatever.
(may the godess protect him). :D

Dear United Kingdom:
(and, really... Dear Every-freaking-one:)
Every split second you spend thinking you will somehow limit, restrict or abolish social media tools ... because they were used by rioters... is seconds you will never get back.
That would be a bit like doing away with record-players because Hitler released a few EP's.
And besides... you're acting like you can get everything back in Pandora's Box.
You should know better.

True Blood - I like way they "sshhhhick" their fangs out.

K... so yeah. See ya soon.
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Friday, July 29 [29 Jul 2011|11:27pm]
Dear Lj:

You've been very good to me. But I think we need a little break.

When I had no clue wtf was going on with the brand spank'en new concept of blogging... there you were. You introduced me to people who became my closest friends for years. Playing with you and the people you helped me meet... taught me a lot about life and gave me so many reasons to smile.

I've watched you get all grow'ed up, be sold, bought, resold and rebought....

I'm not sure, but I think you are owned by a group of russians now... not that there's anything wrong with that.

And you're a target again. I remember massive fails when you fell apart about 6 years ago... I remember other attacks... I think by russian hackers (btw) lol... and now you're under the gun again. Just in case you're on your death bed... I'm going to take a little explore. :D

Oh look... google.

I'm going to go over to google plus for the next little while... I hope you don't get take'en out by nar-do-wells... and if I cant hack the new, well... I'll be back.

But for now... "corto" at google plus... is me. :D

ps. try clicking into it from...
:: I think this links to my google+ page ::
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Monday, July 25 [25 Jul 2011|11:25pm]

Yeah, ... elevator pics always remind me how bald I'm getting. :D

So I'm all in that g+ zone... "corto". Hook a brutha up... :D aka: It's circle time...

Still not sure I'm getting the big happy out of google+.
The thing I've always liked about LJ ... is the simple free form structure.
But I'm nothing if not flexible. :D

This is going to be a busy week.
And it started today.
Went to be wwwwwway too late,
Up early to drive Geo to school (second last day of summer school),
To client #1, then over to the QCH to meet suz for a consultation...
Back to work... sadly no gym...
Downtown to a new client org for an end-of-day presentation to a CIO and his best buds, along with a couple of execs from the galactic core.
Then home... :)

While my self-concept tends towards a belief that I'm a tolerant man,
I am truly a slave to my absolute frustration with organized religion.
Why, for example, is it so important for arabic people to self-identify with the name of their religion.
I mean - and I admit this openly - I really had no clue what it meant to be "muslim" for the longest time.
I thought it was "race"... or maybe "culture", alas (earwax) it turns out to be a religion... well, ok, a title given to someone who is "all about Islam" and Islam is the religion... a "monotheistic, Abrahamic religion" to be precise.
That is to say... it is NOT A CLUB. Nor is anglican, catholic, etc. etc. etc.
They're religions.
I've always found it mildly annoying when someone includes "catholic" (let alone "christian") in an introduction.
So it's only fair that I remain similarly annoyed with being told by someone that they're a jew... or that they're muslim.
Truly... I just don't care which load you choose to hang your spiritual hat on.
And it doesn't help when you make a big deal about it.
You're a person... not a vessel.
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Wednesday, July 20 [20 Jul 2011|08:37pm]

~ see, there's this row of portrait style photographs of VIPs on the wall in the hall when I step out of the elevator at client #2's.
'cept the last two are empty. Empty!! Just waiting for a picture...
Temptation just wracks my head every time I look.
Alas... there's the old motto... do not screw with the clients... ever. :)

Pretty good day today.
I'm getting past the initial vibe from the shoulder injection... it's feeling pretty good today, but I'm not doing anything with it... except maybe raising my arm to get something off a shelf.
No upper body anything until Monday. :(

I know skating is all lower body and core... but if I have to bail... it becomes "all upper body" really fast...
So I think I'm going to be off skating till the doc says it's ok. :(

No gym today... Sushi...
SO MUCH SUSHI... I think I'm maxed on sushi for a while. lol.

Super hot day... and tomorrow is supposed to be very much worse. Like... it felt 39 out today (102 F)... and tomorrow? It' s'posed to feel like 45 at the worse... (113 F !!!!!! MF!!).
So yeah... hot tomorrow.

Oh... and my work life is just freaking crazy.
Just say'en...

Now... besides all that:
~ shoulder is doing better
~ suzy is awesome
~ I got to see the new Harry Potter
~ and my boys are healthy and happy.
LIfe is grand. :D

So just think...
If we weren't spending all this time and money on fighting a no-win, dumb as sticks, war in Afghanistan...
Imagine how much help we could be with the famine thing in Somalia.

And speaking of Somalia... where it's now an "official" famine,
Remember why they were in the news a few months back?
When Somalian pirates were capturing cargo ships in international waters.
Hostage dramas, guns, violence, looting...
And any power structures that still exist in Somalia... are inhibiting the flow of aid to the famine stricken.
A great big country, packed full of WINNERS.

Dear Everyone In The Middle East, and the Horn of Africa:
Please note that there is a shit load more of you than there are of the punk ass losers that claim to be your leaders.
Rise the heck up and deal with your problems people.
Stop screwing around waiting for someone else to come in and solve your problems.
K... thanks.

"Boob" makes a great verb.
Like... "Way to boob." would be an effort to compliment the way umm... they way she dresses or moves that presents a positive spin on... boobs.

~ k... see ya. :D
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Monday, July 18 [19 Jul 2011|12:52am]

~ :)
That's us... Saturday night on our birthday date night for suzy.
We had a really nice time.
Brookstreet spa and restaurant were a great treat my sweet pea. :)

I've been through all the stages of vicious sun burn...
Pretty feel as though I moulted over the last couple of days.
Now, of course, all the burned spots are tender itchy zones of irritated skin. :(

Then we invited both families over for birthday cake on Sunday night.
Our standard excuse for giving everything a really good clean...
And it's always always nice when I can look around and see my house full of people. :)

Oh and we "completed all things Stargate".
Quite literally, we've downloaded and watched every episode and movie every made of all the Stargate shows. :)
It was a total gas.
We're on to Farscape now.

And so I see another love-your-local-soldier bumper sticker.
"If you love your freedom, hug a vett"
Now... I realize talking about this is like talking about anything to do with israel (instant bad wrap)
but... I just do not get it.
I have plenty of reasons to appreciate the awesomeness of soldiers...
But please....
No canadian soldier, in the past 20 years, has died protecting my freedom.
At least not without taking several far fetched liberties in establishing causal relationships between my freedom and stupid people in far flung countries.
And no way in hell has the endless fighting in afghanistan or iraq (let alone freaking libya) done anything to make the world safer.
I realize we're saving lives in those countries... bombing the shit out of them... then rebuilding for upteen years... whatever...
But that's called "peacekeeping" ... and truly that has nothing to do with protecting my freedom.

Hey... are you following the events unfolding in wonderful Afghanistan?
The US super-general is heading out...
Troop withdrawls are underway...
And the nit wits are out in force.
As has been so often opined... that place will be as it was, maybe worse, about fifteen seconds after we leave.
Regardless of how long we stay.
We have made no difference.
We will never make any difference.
What a freaking waste.

Had the cortisone shot in my shoulder today.
At 4
Direct shot into the AC joint in my left shoulder.
Doc very meticulously locates and marks the exact spot she's going to stab...
And eh... not really terrible. Sharp stab that I had to really fight back tensing up over.
Tensing makes it harder to get the crap where she wants it to go...
Now I wait.

K... see ya. :)
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Monday, July 11 [11 Jul 2011|10:55pm]

We went to Calypso Water Park on Saturday.
We were bad parents... we totally failed to do enough sunblocking.
All four of us... burned up good.
... we had a great time, mind you, but yeah... that night, sunday... heck, today too... all about the pain. :(

I took one single picture of a chick in a bikini (besides zebra)... and that's her above.
I have zero control over smiling at pregnant chicks in bikinis.

Ed spent (literally) three hours plus in the massive wave pool (hence his sunburn).
Geo spent the day with his buddies... not re-applying sunblock.
Suz and I spent the day having a grand ol'time... wave pool, big slides, jungle river... and not reapplying enough sunblock.

Sunday was a bit of a fog - what with the wanting to scream in flaming body pain... lol
But today was a bit better. :) (still very tender shoulders.)
Got to the gym at lunch ... I need to spend a lot more time working on ab stuff... !!
Got to totally dig working for client #1. (nothing but good at this place... even the bad... is good.)
Back there tomorrow.

Back when Rupert Murdock was busy buying Myspace (because he figured - incorrectly - that he could use it to influence a generation of customers) Wired magazine was doing an article about what was wrong with the music business. The article had a lot to do with how everything in the world of "media" is really still being run by a small group of old farts with old ideas, old money, and old rules. All I could conclude after reading the story was that we were all pretty much hosed on any real solutions to our problems until these guys got around to becoming late... "late" as in past tense. Not that I wish them dead... only that I realize nothing is going to change until they are. They have that much control and power.
Yes, Rupert was one of them.
And I gotta say... I'm glad to see him doing flips and twists to get his clenched butt cheeks off the hot plate.
Just keep dancing Ruppee.

starting to look forward to the shot coming up on the 18th.
Frick'en shoulder is just nothing but a problem.
It's not a "sharp pain when i reach for things" anymore...
But it's just a constant reminder that there's a problem.... :(
Ah well... It's not stopping the summer of skate... and I can still work...
So I should count my blessings. :D

If you gain my compliance
by making promises
You really need to ready life up to your end
When I live up to mine.

See you soon. :D
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Friday, July 8 [09 Jul 2011|12:17am]

Dude... I just totally did not grok on the whole friday thing.
Like... client #1 on monday and tues, then client #2 on wed and thur...
Today just felt like a wednesday. Working for client #3 all day.
Yes... I eventually got it... and enjoyed it... but I really didn't glom on for most of the day.

got in gym time...
that made if a five for five (F.F.F., and F3 but honestly, 3F sounds better but triple-F just nails it.
So we're going with that...
I get five gym hits in a work week... and I'm going with a high five, chanting triple-F.

Oh and I got back to the park at the end of the day.
I'm really jazzed... just having a grand ol'fracking time.
For now, I'm working on this whole back-side thing.. and by "working on", I mean throwing myself across concrete, bouncing and scratching up my knee pads. (and stop conjuring up the goofy from "back-side").
See... I can go zoooming into a big ass bowl and power around the walls, doing this "pumping" thing that builds up momentum.
And I can drop in off a stupid high wall and scrape the coping on the other side, turning a nice 180 at the apex of the climb.
But ... the problem is I can only do it all "front side".
"Front Side" is like... turning in the direction I'm facing.
I stand "goofy foot" on my deck... Facing towards the left (right foot forward on the deck)
So, pretty much opposite of most everyone else.
This all means I can do all the wall running, but only facing forward.
I can't do them the opposite way.
Believe it or not, the issue is that I end up dizzy. !!!!
So I've been working on doing the back side.
And it's been working... :D :D :D
Yesterdays, "First pain-inducing-bail - aka: wipe out - of the season" was all about this.
But I've been nailing it big. (It's pretty exciting, actually... it's like a "new feeling" of euphoria associated with the ride....)
AND ... if I can really get it... It opens up new opportunities in the park. Some "routes" through the concrete only work if you can go through a bowl (or a wall) in a certain direction (which would be "front side" for most people, but because I skate goofy, I have to do it back-side.
Get it?

Cool huh... :)

How come I didn't know that you cant buy AC/DC music on iTunes?

So I'm on google+.
Two things:
1. I don't really know why anyone wants to confuse the whole blog-o-sphere issues even more than they are now. (but fine,... I'll try).
2. You know google is a bit scary sometimes. And by "scary" I mean, totally freaking cool how they aggregate all the information they have on me.

Ok. Time to go. :D
See ya.
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Wednesday, July 6 [06 Jul 2011|10:05pm]

Downtown clients today... (and tomorrow).
Long days, head down kinda work.
But I had some good gym time at lunch.

Lotsa rain today... no big skate after work,
but I got a little skate in at the park in Kanata while grasshopper was at karate.

Made fish at dinner.
Need a skillet and a cover you can use on it...
Thaw some frozen fillets... sole, haddock, any of the easy whites .
Now... all on one cutting board, no separating, no clean up between items... just go for it....
Chop DICE the heck out a slice of red onion (the big guys).
Dice up a little parsley,
Chop up the fruity meat bits of a lemon wedge, with all the juice...
Smush a clove of garlic, and blob it into the lemon juice
Salt... fresh pepper,
And a tablespoon of veg oil.
Mix it all up on the cutting board, chop at it a bit...
Turn on a big skillet to hot!
Take half the stuff from the cutting board and rub it all over your fish pieces.
Scrape the rest into the hot skillet, and stir it around...
Lay the fish pieces out in the skillet over the stuff...
Put the cover on...
Cook for just a couple of mins... then turn off the heat and leave the cover on for another three or four minutes
No need to turn over the fish... (unless it's like an inch thick or something)
(this is all assuming you're using thin fish fillets... if they're thick, then up the time - of course).
Oh... and it's done.
Serve with whatever but it's gonna be delicious.

Casey Anthony
I admit that I only just read up on this case.
I read the wikipedia page at 2:00 pm yesterday...
Then watched the verdict live on cnn.com
All because I saw a tweet from Penny (Big Bang Theory) that a verdict was coming...
Here's what I see...
Months of media manipulation telling the sensational to the armchair drama starved masses.
There's unanswered questions... for sure,
But she was found not guilty.
The jury didn't think she did it.
So why does everybody else?
(see the long sentence above that starts with "months of...")
A quick read of the story... makes me think she's a stupid vacant loser,
surrounded by more losers... and a couple of other folks in that loser circle... could have done it.
But I don't know squat...
What I really wanted to say was "Why does everyone think she did it, even though the jury doesn't?"

When did Beyonce turn into a white chick?

Almost every muscle in my body is sore.
I need advil and hot packs all over.
... I think I really need a good sleep tonight. :)

K... see ya. :D
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Monday, July 4 [04 Jul 2011|11:44pm]

Hi :)

Have you done the netti thing?
Just say'en... that is some serious make strange.
Alas (earwax) totally necessary...
As I am the guy with the stuffed up liquid head.
Thank you whatever it is that just happened in mother nature.
Allergy season is a hellish thing.
Yes, I have meds... but that can't keep up with this !

We had a really great long weekend.
Lots of cooking... lots of not going to bed on time...
Good skate time, and plenty of yard stuff. :D

We've really been "home bodies" lately...
... and I'm not complaining. :D

Oh and I hate cars.
Hate hate hate.
Well... ok, hate hate, not hate hate hate.
or at least, all the money that gets sunk into cars...
Is all about hate!!! !

Today was good times.
Client #1 day... mini commute, great folks to work with... blah blah blah...
More of all that... getting into the new project and it's kinda fun. :)
Lonely gym time... but great work out,
Really going to town on the stretching, and abs.
Of course, that's still 'cuz my shoulder hates me.
Ended my work day with a trip to the sports med uber doc.
More on that below...
Then skate time.
Super hot still, but (as usual) I change in a starbucks, and hit the concrete in shorts and a tee.
Really seriously having a great deal of fun with this lately...
Dropping in off every wall with ease and working on a back side wall 180's...
because it's just not something I could ever do. ('till now...)
And pizza for dinner. :D

Happy Independence Day to all y'all down in the Land That George Built.
(deep weird voice) "Peace!"

So yeah... left shoulder is the problem.
Right shoulder was the problem last year, but is super good now (thank you TTA).
Doc reading the xrays explains...
"Oddly enough, your arthritis is worse in the right shoulder."
And all I hear is "arthritis" but apparently this is just a normal comparative factor for someone... (gah!) my age.
I'm waiting to get an appointment for an MRI of the soft tissue,
But she's pointing directly at my AC joint for other treatment.
I've got a lot of pain in the AC and she thinks a cortisone injection would help.
Now I need to understand the implications of that.
If it's good to go, it goes in on July 18.
She explained more about details of my left shoulder joint and the way it extends down more than the right and more than it should...
blah blah blah...
It's compicated. lol
We'll see what the MRI tells us, but after the AC deal is dealt with, it's going to be all about a lot of key exercises and stretches to get things going again!
Such a giant pain in the ass. :(

There is no excuse for "dangling participles" to be a pedestrian term for a "part of speech".
And don't get me started on that planet name!!!

Ok... time to go.
Have a great night muchachos, y muchachas... :D
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Thursday, June 30 [30 Jun 2011|11:17pm]

Alrighty... today was a good day. :D
Ed's last day of grade 7, and the last day of the work week for me.
(Tomorrow is Canada Day... aka big national party day aka total zombie do nothing and relax - maybe BBQ day. :D Oh, and it ends with fireworks.)
Yeah long weekend.

Drove to downtown clients this morning, passing all kinds of "getting downtown ready for Canada Day and the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge (William and his hot wife Kate. Our future queen... and yes that's indelicate... but DUDE... finally a royal I can find attractive. The Queens a good ol'gal, but her daughters ... eh. Then there's Fergi... bleh, and omg camilla... but then along comes Kate. ta da!! :D) Yeah... they're in town and everybody is in a tizzy.

But that's fine. No problem for me... the commute was easy peasy with a lot of downtown folks bailing on their day (the mid to late afternoon would prove to be horrific for traffic with closures, and vast royal-watcher crowds... I hit the gym at noon and split. Dealt with two clients before lunch... and spent the afternoon with a third.

And then it was the skate park.
holy smack.
just ... I mean, I'm having a rip roaring great time with the skating.
I'm getting all kinds of "new" experiences as I get more confident with the drops and walls...

But now... after dinner... after our walk (we walk almost every night after dinner. :D)... I'm just DONE!! I've closed company email and I'm going to enjoy every split second of the next three days. :D :D :D

You own yesterday,
But tomorrow owns you.

Yeah... four new Starbucks "surveys" today and yesterday. lol.
I have a cache of them with the "free stuff" code in my car visor.
It's like a little stack of free awesome.

Life is great
But I'm nobody's fool,
Chaos least of all.
I'll squeeze this peach
Seize this day,
And enjoy every drop.

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Monday, June 27 [27 Jun 2011|10:37pm]

Arrrgggg!! and stuff like that... :D
(Had a great time skating tonight... :D)

Had a pretty good day at work too.
Great gym time with friends,
and, then the sad part... My poor stupid car.

I am avoiding 50% of the price of a break job at my mechanics by having a friend do it in his garage.
So he gets the parts... pads and disks... and we set about to start swapping parts,
Well... I now know what something called a "Caliper" is... because I got a seized one. :(

So now my little car will be broken until tomorrow night.

You know, there are times when I listen to the news-of-the-world I hasten to the often found conclusion...
There are some seriously dumb ass nations out there.
It goes on with...
They can complain and whine about our "western culture" but besides your run-of-the-mill crime, we are not busy getting blown up by the people that are supposed to be our government and leaders....
And I end with the general notion that we are better off with "our ways" and those other folks... are freak'en losers.!


It's not even funny how you can so easily and clearly demonstrate that the ONLY LASTING impact of holding a G20 summit anywhere is the legacy of the protests that take place. What ever the hell they talk about at their summit... (that could all have freak'en done on skype, btw) is pathetic and forgotten.
Such is the case with our own Canadian story-of-wonder for last years G20 (and G8) meetings, held in and near Toronto, Ontario.
All we really have to show for it... is a big stupid tax payer bill and more proof that our police service is remarkably flawed.
You know what would be a great protest at the next G20... if nobody showed up at all.
Not a single protestor. Everybody just took a pass.
The hoards of police and their giant fences, dogs, and "red zones" would be silent and dumb looking.
The media would report "nobody gives a crap about these loser G20 dudes anymore..."
And that would be way more satisfying.
Ear wax.

If I could give my greatest gift,
I would not labour long in the choosing.
You would know love as I do,
And conclude that I chose well.

K... time to go. :)
See ya soon.

Tuesday, June 21 [21 Jun 2011|11:32pm]

Welcome to summer 2011!! :D

Went to see my "specialist" today...
As much as I'd like to play up the fun we could have with "specialist"...
She's my sports med doc.
And she's a bit concerned about the shoulder not having made more progress.
It's x-ray, MRI and likely steroid injection time... weeeeee...

I had a pretty good day today.
Saw the doc first thing...
Then downtown clients,
The gym,
Lunch with a very nice, very british, past-co-worker who will likely be a future co-worker... :)
More work and then the skatepark for happy feet time.
The park is getting busy ... high schools are in exam mode around here so... the kids are out in force.
Two collisions... neither one was bad, but I did have to do a massive bail on a wall and dive it out....

My brother (Rob) got married on Saturday.
It was awesome... just perfect weather, in a glass shelter, by the water, in a beautiful park.

Mr. and Mrs. Bro!! :D

Going golfing tomorrow afternoon. :)
Golf-Toury with Client 1 (official new designation for my new contract with fav clients).
(and I will most definitely blame my shoulder for bad shots!! :D)

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[14 Jun 2011|09:37pm]


K... extra busy day,
Marked by bus rides. :(
Got dropped at the park'n'ride and took the rocket downtown...
Work, seminar (see below) and more work.
Then a long bus ride to get me close enough to walk to my mech so I could get my car.
ahhhh... then starbucks (first coffee of the day!!!!!) and the skatepark.
(exceptionally good time... again, see below). :D

Now it's all about relaxing. Long and busy day with a seriously busy day tomorrow.

Did I mention "Shock Wave"?
TTA* introduced me to a new toy... after plying her stock and trade "Active Release Technique" make me a pretzel therapy.
Niew toy? The "shock wave" therapy for certain muscle and tendon issues (among others).
Super nasty "sound waves" blast outta this thing and target... the already sore spots.
As TTA says to me before she starts... "Ok... you're gonna feel this..."
Anyways... number two shock wave treatment tomorrow.

* Tracy The Awesome
[ :: Montgomery Massage ::]

I have this certification as a "governance auditor" that needs to be maintained via the collecting of these "credits"
and I get the credits from taking courses, and attending seminars....
Today was a seminar.
Subject... The head of the Fed Accounting office... er... the Canadian Gov "Comptroller" was going to talk about audits.
thing is... he couldn't make it.
So his second in command (think "vice principal") gave the show.
Nice guy, super smart, achieved a lot...
But I almost offered the guy beside me all the cash I had on me to kill me with a butter knife.
Like... four times.
Just say'en.

See, the process of learning how to drop in on a but-tightening-scary concrete ramp
(well documented [ :: HERE :: ] ) left me with little doubt that it was an all or nothing issue.
And I've done it enough to make it honestly... easy. Muscle memories, etc.
However, the lurking fear remains... anything goes wrong... it's insane bail, crash, burn time.
Well today I had to bail when I was dropping in off a reasonably high wall.
(bad feet on the board and lost balance at the curve transition)
AND I didn't crash and burn.
I ran through it without even thinking.
It's the same kinda feeling as when I had a big wall bail last summer and just rolled through it without a scratch.
That is to say... it's a great feeling... to know your body is on the ball with the game.

K... see ya. :)
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Monday, June 13 [13 Jun 2011|08:31pm]

Well things sure have a way of getting busy when you're not looking.
My bro is getting married this weekend...
I'm starting a new contract on wednesday...
My car had a total failure of cohesion...
(the big wooden blocks connected to the steering wheel are broke)
~ total dogs breakfast... dropped my car off last night and, after handing over a fortune, I'll get it back tomorrow. :(***
And I got a punk ass schedule all week long.

The weather idiots are calling for sunshine...
I may be able to get my center with a few trips to the skatepark....

Ah... who am I kidding.
Life is busy and I'm the luckiest guy in the universe.
I'm reminded of that every single time I open my eyes. :D

ps. Game six is just starting. They're (the media and fan base) are sure making a major big ass deal out of this... lol.

Canadian press subjet'du'jour is about some new rule or new controversy about prostitution.
And after all that report'en, I still don't know what the actual news item is... just shows to go ya.
What I did take away was content concerning some organization that is working tirelessly to put an end to it...
no really.
Prostitution and twinky's!
Two things that will be around looooooong after we're all dead and gone.
If I had a vote... I say start working today towards a long term goal of giving the whole concept ... more class, more respect.
That can only pay everyone back in spades.

Dig it... just about to start a contract back at the organization I spent a couple of years at... so many friends.
(and it's a 15 minute commute !!!)

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios... seriously good finger snack food. :)

K... time to go.
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Wednesday, June 8 [08 Jun 2011|06:46pm]

Hola. :)
Still working on the muscle memory thing...
Skated for an hour after work... with a vast storm brewing in the background.
Crazy lightening time ... and then the rain hit. (after I got in the car to go! :D)

Good day with the downtown clients...
Got to play with critters.
Big iguana, a great horned owl (named Alexandria btw),
And this girl... (whose name I did not get)

She was amazing. So deliberate... soft ... and sooo strong.
(Python... a "constrictor" .... except it doesn't see humans as food, so she doesn't have any reason to be all squeezy. :D)
It was all part of a display in the lobby of my clients' building.

I'm chilling at 'bucks as I wait for grasshopper to finish karate class...
It's all rainy and stuff... so no "Kill time at skatepark" tonight. (but I got really good skate time in earlier, so ... it's all good.).

Dear Canadian Postal Workers Union:
Have fun with that strike guys.
I could not possibly care less and I hope the post office has to lay more of you off after you drive more business away.
Personally, I would think - in this economy - you'd be down right happy to have your jobs and not be all bitchy about more sick time, more raises, and more benefits.
I'm pretty sure I could fill a stadium with Canadians that would love to have your hard job...
Lets see... count to 10 over and over for about 3 hours every day...
And that's full time middle income family time.
Bite me.
Why hello FedEx. :D

The police in Montreal shot a homeless guy.
He was acting out... tipping over garbage cans, and AND brandishing a knife.
So they chased his homeless ass and shot him dead.
Yeah... and just for fun, one of the bullets that didn't kill homeless guy,
Still got to live up to it's little Bullet Destiny by hitting a random passer by...
Dude riding his bicycle to work at the local hospital... He's dead too.
In my books that's called MURDER.
A spokesperson for the Surete du Quebec (or however you spell that), the provincial police who investigate municipal cop shootings, had the giant brass testicles to go on the radio and say that hospital worker dude was... "in the wrong place at the wrong time."
WOW!!! Way to blame the innocent passer by for cops screwing up on the job.
He was most definitely in the right place... going to work... at the right time... his normal commute time.
No! I'm sorry but it was the cop that was doing something wrong... wrong time, wrong place, wrong gun, wrong reaction, wrong level of force, wrong wrong wrong.
But thanks for blaming the guy the cops MURDERED.
Dick heads.

This October will be our twentieth anniversary.
But we had four years under our belt before we got all married up.
Twenty... twenty four!!
And we have never been happier than we are now.
Not to say we weren't happy before, but dude...
These days ... feel like rewards. :)

K... see ya. :D
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Tuesday, June 7 [07 Jun 2011|10:05pm]

So, here's how today started....
Normal school stuff but suz and I join the chain gang cycling through showers (four showers!) and we head off at 7:30 for some doc appointments. Before we left... before we left our A/C running house - all closed up against the hot outside air... I let the cat in.
Then we left.
blink blink...
Yeah, so we came home several hours later and the second we walked in the house... we knew that little Purrrcy (pictured above) had rolled in some skunk stink in out night-time skunk playground (aka: our front yard).
Suz aired things out and... AND washed the cat (some baking soda, peroxide, dealio that really worked well. :D)... but dude... she washed the cat! lol.

I had good gym time, and great skate time today.
Getting bucket loads of exercise ... :D :D :D (loves it).

When are we all going to come to our senses with all the drama around the way penalties are being handed out in the NHL? We should arm these guys and be done with it. At least let them use their sticks as clubs. And forget all this penalty stuff. You play, you pay, and likely with the later portion of your life. Hockey needs more "rollerball"!!!
... right?

... busy day tomorrow.
AND I totally plan on getting to bed and under my mask before 12:30.
See, the problem is that I pass out on the sofa with suzy watching ... (i.e.) jon stewart. So yeah I'm asleep from 12:30 on... but waking up on the sofa at 3 and crawling into bed means I only get three hours under the cpap mask... and you really need "more than 4" to gather some of the more significant benefits of using a cpap... so... I've really got to get in the habit of crawling into bed ... and not passing out on the sofa. :D


See ya. :D
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Monday, June 6 [06 Jun 2011|09:03pm]

Well... today was a pretty good day. :)
It started with the default "get boys off to school" dance, including a mad and unsuccessful dash to Geo's bus stop to bring him his forgotten lunch. But everything pretty much went awesomely up hill from there. :D

Feeling mighty "on top" of my client commitments.
Got a great work out at the gym at lunch...
Enjoyed a wicked good fatush salad,
Kept an appointment with Suz,
And got out to the skatepark after work. :D

I've been jonesing to drop in off a - for lack of a better description - scarier wall... and kept coming up with reasons why I wasn't try'en it...
But not today.
(thank you young random guy that snaps the pic for me... :D)
~ over and over and over again... and yeah, totally own it now.
I was - as always - all nerves about it and had one of those...
"screw it ... I'm going..." moments.
I was great.
I love that "face it" adrenaline rush. :D

Suz is out with her friends from her old job ... a Milestones evening for her...
A "BBQ steaks" evening for the boys and I. :D

Oh... and we watched Dr. Who.
Holy gah!!!!
That was really very exciting and doubly so for a fan!! :D

K... I'm out.
I'll sleep very well tonight.

ps. I'm still digging the CPAP machine. And it's really forcing me to consider my sleep patterns... when I go to bed, when I have a "wake up and pass out" and when I get up thing. (I need to get more regular sleep...)
But I'm truly not having any problems keeping the mask on and sleeping comfortably. :D

... later. :D
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Sunday, June 6 [06 Jun 2011|12:04am]

So this weekend ... yet again reminds everyone in the Ottawa area,
That the weather idiots just have no freak'en clue.
It never rained... just a beautiful weekend.
Thanks for telling me it's going to rain Friday night... oh wait, Saturday morning... oh wait, Saturday afternoon... or wait, Sunday ... blah blah blah.....

Spent a bunch of time on yard work.
Having a huge yard... and not paying some service to take care of it... equals a shit load of work.
Just say'en... you postage-sized-yard-folks.... shut yer pie holes and stop complaining.

It's June.
June is going to be a busy month....
But for sure... I 'm really hoping I can keep up the pace on the skatepark thing.
There are things that I want to learn but you gotta make so many muscle memories before you can get there.

grrrr... gimmi a week.
it's my crazy.

and shush. Everyone has their crazy.

Ok... midnight and I'm sleepy. :D
See ya.
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Friday, June 3 [04 Jun 2011|12:34am]

Excellent day. :)
Worked out of my Kanata office... had gym time... and made the big skate park after work. :)

That's five for five for the week with workouts.
Feels good.

It's funny how "calm" I feel when I'm driving home from a skatepark experience.
I seem to feel less concerned with "making the light" or ... hurrying.

It would be a really good thing if the weather cooperates and I get to put a crap load of time in at the parks.

A stranger will shine their light for you.
An acquaintance will hand you their light.
A true friend will stand beside you with the light ... and stay there.

Despite the ultimate futility of the gesture,
I dig Bridgette DePape's big brass balls.

K... Time to go. :)
See ya.

Tuesday, May 31 [31 May 2011|11:53pm]

Today was definitely another good day.
Started with a bit of a worry about my darn car again...
This time the steering seems messed... but much like a relatives computer problems,
I couldn't reproduce the problem when I had my mechanic in the drivers seat.
So I just motored downtown to work.
Got a lot done,
And I got good gym time in.
A little starbucks cuteness drama,
Free espresso ... because they were out of coffee filters (so they couldn't give me the coffee I came for - oh poor me, I had to settle for a free giant espresso. :D
After work, I went back to the gym and changed out of work duds into skate duds
And went to Legacy to spend an hour in the heat, having a blast.

Oddly enough, I'm all tired and stuff tonight. :D lol

We hit the download limit again this month (on the last day of the month... but still)...
I'm starting to think I might need a non-rogers isp to get a larger limit without breaking the bank.

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Monday, May 30 [30 May 2011|09:51pm]

Nice day. :)
Worked out of my office...
Got good gym time in at lunch, my starbucks is finished it's "closed for reno" vibe...
And I went back to my physio for more. After the flare up last week, I scheduled a shot at her,
... and really worked it (still trying to get my left pectoral muscle to relax to the same level as my right.... )
So today was good mojo and a good treatment.

Finished up more stuff for my chicago client... may have another trip there in June,
And getting set to take on two new clients. .... (ahhhhhh! lol)

It's getting all super summer hot and muggy.
We've had so much rain (and I feel bad saying that on the weeeb 'cuz of all the awful stuff that weather has been doing out in the big world)
but now with the heat... it's muggy land. Fog at dusk... and we're expecting 40 degrees tomorrow! (40 canadian....)
But this means.... more skate'en.
Trick is to bring the right clothes to change into, and leave downtime in time to make an hour long pit stop. :D

Interesting times...
Our PM pops in to see the troops in Afghanistan.
He's on the talking boxes saying (para) that because we've all done our jobs,
Afghanistan is no longer the axis of terrorism, and there's lots of rebuilding to do...
Same news cycle includes an interview with this Afghani woman who is doing a speech in the capital (ottawa) this week...
Her posture is that as soon as we slacken our resolve, Afghanistan will almost instantly revert to the fountain-of-terrorism it was before we got to the party.
These are such different perspectives... on the very same thing.
As has been so often explained before, we (the grand "we") are stuck in Afghanistan.
Accepting that helps move on to more salient points.
To hear it explained by the many learned doofs that can't stop explaining things,
Every single person on earth is in danger ... (will robinson)
From the ever present threat to our way of life that is Afghanistan

So here's my question.
If we can never really leave because it's going to go crazy when we do and return to the greatest threat of all... and if it will simply never stop being this terrifying global threat.... ??????
Then why are pussy footing around?
Turn on the DRAFT in every coalition country,
Load the planes and roll five million troops into town and subjugate the hell out of the place.
Road side bomb? Yeah... Not in a police state.
Better yet... 80 days of carpet bombing.
I mean... if the whole planet is in imminent danger of death and destruction...
Erase Afghanistan.
Yup... everybody.
Collateral damage... sorry... us or them. Planet versus Afghanistan

Or... were they exaggerating?

I got to see a poem I wrote re-used to be a moment of prose at the end of a hard story.
It made me feel so good to think that something I wrote felt like the right thing to say. :)
[ :: on Kay's blog... :: ]

K... it's 9:50 and I'm making a small pot of coffee and getting a snack.
Time for the mid-evening coma! :D

See ya soon. :)
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Friday, May 28 [28 May 2011|01:05am]

Hiya. :)

Short work weeks... really kinda seem to turn into darned hard weeks.
This one was no dif.
Big "webinar" on Wednesday.
A co-worker and I do these "Crawl, Walk and Run with... ####" webinars.
This weeks was all about creating and using a Service Catalogue (ITSM)
It's all about lead generation at work and we had over a 120 people sign up... and 78 actually stay on the line for the whole hour and a half.
It was kinda awesome.
Takes a lot of work to put together but ... really kinda cool. :D

Two good client gigs and two more on deck.
Work is busy.

The view, today, out the window at my downtown clients.

It's about to turn into June.
June always sneaks up on me. !!

Using "Parallels" on my Air. (VM stuff)
Need it to run Visio... and it's pretty freak'en cool with "coherence" running.
Windows apps just run... and have full access to the drive structure.
... It's excellent.

The CPAP thing is going well.
I slip into vader mode at lights out and it stays put till about 5... sometimes a little later.
(I tend to mindlessly peel it off my face ... no control, just happens.)
The goal is to get move than four hours of sleep with it on.
(Going to bed late all the time... sigh. But we're turning that around a little at a time. :D)

watching raising arizona... 1987 at it's best. :)

Sunday, May 22 [22 May 2011|10:12pm]

So Saturday was a pretty good day! :D
I fell out of bed at 9... made my way to starbucks and the Legacy Skatepark by 10.
I expected the park to be packed to the teeth with kids... The weather was perfect and it was a Saturday morning.
Well, I was very wrong. :D :D
When I got there... there were two other guys... maybe late 20's.
Two more showed up and ... a couple of young'ens playen in the trick park.
That was it till about 12:30.
So... so so much fun.

Got home and spent a great long time working on the yard... grass cutting and goofing around.
Oh and a whole bunch of working-on-the-ramp.
I'm trying to get better results from the tarp... putting new masonite on... and generally making skateboard ramp glory. :D

Job Jar work... repairing a porch screen. I'm getting good at that. Nice screen frames on cedar but we seem to loose one in a wind storm every summer.

The night was all about relaxing with my sugar and catching up on some TV. :D

Seriously... a great day.

You know the world did end at 6:00 last night.
It ends ... at every single moment of the day.
Time marches forward.
We leave each moment behind, with the capability, if not always the capacity,
Of starting something brand new... at every single moment of the day.
Your life is in your hands.
Your hands.

K... see ya.

[19 May 2011|12:06am]

Geo got some wigs for a party at school this week. :)

Today was all about getting ready for another "webinar" show we're giving next week.
So I got to work out of my office,
Go to "my" gym...
Oh and I had a huge fatush salad (with schwarma chicken all over it) for lunch... from my fav schwarma place.
... nice day. :)

Coffee was interesting today.
"My Starbucks"... is closed for a reno.
I had no clue. I feel bad for the workers... I wonder what happens to them during a reno?
I had to drive up the road to the next starbucks... :D

It's been a crazy "last two weeks".
I mean... really. Not enough sleep,
and a constant race to just say on par with all the stuff going on.
But it's been a remarkably good time...
Just having so much fun with Suz and getting a lot done with work stuff. :D
That being said...
It's 12:04. I'm going to bed.
(Earliest in AGES).

k... night. :D
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Tuesday, May 17 [17 May 2011|09:30pm]

Stranger Danger….

Today began with my crestfallen self standing at the cash-register-end of a gas station lineup trying to process the statement “refused… nope, tried again… refused”.
Apparently I lost a skirmish in the ever present identity war. I did my part, and protected my cc from strangers… I mean, as best as I can considering I use it pay for the kids online recurring fees, etc. But in the end, this really doesn’t matter. Some joker swipes my card in a cloner or some ecom web site that I’ve been to gets quietly hacked and presto! Somebody has my credit card in Toronto and is buying up everything in sight… well, I don’t know that… only that somebody is racking up hundreds at TO gas stations.
Fortunately my CC company noticed all by themselves… no doubt because of a software engine that compares all purchases to a profile of my spending history and flags weird stuff.
Unfortunately, “noticing” means they freeze the cards and try to call, which is the official awkward-maker because there’s a timing disconnect between freezing card and reaching the cardholder (namely, me).
So because my card has been “compromised” they are cancelled immediately. They (cc company) agree to remove all weird purchases and send me a fraud-document to sign. I believe this is one of those “I agree to let you guys take ownership of the issue” things. Whatever.
All I know is it’s two weeks before I get the fraud-document in the mail and five to ten days before I get new cc’s. ☹ Everything we can possibly pay with our cc … we pay with our cc. (Thank you PC Points). So now we have to chase a bag full of auto-pay things to change the numbers… and make sure they don’t default between now and getting the new cards. !!!


Otherwise, it was a bang up day. :)
Good work, great gym time at lunch, and home to make chicken kiev for dinner. :D


There was a time, you see...
When danger was avoided by the concept of privacy.
Lock your door.
Don't leave your keys in the car.
Lock your desk or cabinet at work...
Let alone the whole "Don't talk to strangers" thing that pretty much summed up early childhood protection.
Because that stuff worked.
But that time has passed.
You can not really achieve any substantial degree of privacy.
Lock everything... password protect everything... what ever.
But look around...
There is a "privacy debate" raging on and on.
And if you listen... you hear them talking about a bunch of stuff that the younger generation of net and tech users could not possibly care less about.
It's only us older folks who have this quaint... nostalgic dependance on the concept of privacy and it's protection.
The real question is what concepts will the next generation bring to the table to "protect themselves" from things that go bump in the byte?

Am looking forward to Castle. :)
(and to Body of Proof).

... peace.
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Monday, May 16 [16 May 2011|09:58pm]

Hiya. :)

K... long day and the start of a very long week. :D
However... I'm thinking there will be a lot more to consider this week than the fact that it's going to be long.

ps. Dear Universe:
Thank you. Things... all things in the life and times of me... are truly wonderful.
Work is work... but love is everything.
And my everything... is doing just fine. :D

Remember this picture?

That's the new Ottawa Conference / Congress Center.

I've posted a few pics... like this one;

That view...
Here's a picture from the other side. :D

Ok so here's a question:
How is it ok for the US military to fly into a foreign country and kill an enemy commander in an unconventional war (the "osama take down"),
Yet, when the US military came guns'a'blazing into Afghanistan a fifteen year old local - non-soldier-kid, hiding behind a small barrier... who watches his uncle get shot dead by the advancing US troops, and then throws a crude grenade back ... that happens to take out a US soldier... How is it that this kid is branded a murderer, and has been in Git-Mo ever since.
Oh... that kid is a canadian btw.
I'm not saying making a big pink puff of ick out of Osama's head was a bad thing... (although, I personally would have rather watched him go on trial),
But I'm pointing an accusing finger at the hypocrisy.

When the "Osama Take Down" was all the rage in news land...
The talking heads kept telling me about the choices being made by the US high command,
Were choices designed to minimize the risk of Osama Lovers getting riled up with a holy martyr mania.

I do not support this.
Ignoring the entire - and vast - arguments about who went into what country first with what agenda and who is reacting to what... (because that is a long and murky road filled with the "West" looking pretty bad... but never mind that.)
I do not support this whole "avoid the martyr thing" with the wack-jobs in the middle east.
btw, I want to say "wack job muslims" and that would work... because I mean the subset of existing muslims that are total and complete wack-jobs... but I realize that saying it that way makes it sound like I'm saying muslims are wack-jobs... not my intention.
When we change our way of life... our values and turn away from our commitments - say like when we opt to shoot-him and bury him at sea, versus grabbing his old sorry ass and putting him on trial - we let them claim yet another victory.
If they want to get all pissed off and rage in the streets and cities of the middle east... so the fuck what?
Honestly folks... if the radicals in the middle east want to go mental... well, nothing new under the sun, I say.
If they pull that shit here, you know they will feel harsh and relentless retribution.
Oh... and it'd be nice to say... "we'll put your ass on trial and you'll burn".
Alas (ear wax)... all we have now is... we might find you, kill you and hide your dead body... maybe. Depends. Sorta.

I do not support letting radicals scare my government into acting like a bunch of pussy SLASH wimpy grade school kids afraid of a bully...

I am still desperately in love with my Mac Air.
I wish I had "VIsio for MAC"... however... everything else, just wicked wicked wicked cool.
(Oh and iTunes on windows... blows pigs in space... at least by comparison. :D

K... later skater.
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Wednesday, May 11 [11 May 2011|11:52pm]

Nice day today... kind of a "back to normal" 'ish day.
Downtown clients... got in a gym thing (it's been a week... so lots of stretching)
It was a day filled with getting a lot of work done.
I needed that. I have to feel like I'm one step ahead with work stuff,
Or I start to get all stressed. :)

The Pink Towel Guy
See guys in the locker rooms at the gym,
Display a downright awesome variety of subtle dance moves,
The moves that get them from standing there in their boxers,
To standing there in their towel.
Sure, some guys are less concerned than others...
But most have some sense of modesty,
That is clearly based in the genetically programmed,
Endowment mind fuck. Guys are idiots.
And the old guys that shuffle around in their flip flops and little else
Don't really count. Sorry to be stereotyping but fact is most of those guys...
Have an awesome camel hair sweater over their whole body and a buddha belly that hangs over their junk.
And then there's pink towel guy.
Dude gets naked at his locker... and pulls his towel on,
LIke it's a fracking cape.
His baby leg is just swinging away.
Walking all over the place.
Yes. The answer is yes.
He showers... with the freak'en shower curtain open.
Then he capes up, and saunters back to the locker to dry off,
Instead of, you know... drying off in shower area like every other human.

I'm thinking he'll be hanging little bells off it soon.

Have you watched "Body of Proof".
I'm a Dana Delany fan... and any show with 7of9 in it...
Well ...
But besides that part... I already like it after two epis.

k... time to go. :D
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Tuesday, May 10 [10 May 2011|10:50pm]

Does this face make my nose look big?

Today was a good day. I've had a long long long-ass last ten days,
And having a nice day like today... is a good "turning point".
It's all good from here.

Dear Summer Vibe:
I'm ready... please take over my life.
Thank you very much.

First time at one of the local skate parks this season.
(Time killer while Ed's at Karate).
Lots of kids... needed to get my feet.
Feel like I did, but I'm really looking forward to the six, and seventh (etc.) times out to the skateparks.
It's so strangely fun when I'm relaxed and confident. :D

Bought a Bose Sound Dock II [ :: here :: ]
... and replaced our very old sony "under-cupboard mountable radio / cd player. (not mounted, just resting in the corner of the couner... sigh)
Got a really good deal... it's really awesome...
But it's a pain.
80% of what I use "sound generation" for in the kitchen area is radio, and plopping my iphone into the dock and running a radio app...
Is a pain.
So I returned it.
Then I bought a sony clock radio dock... [ :: here :: ]
At roughly 1/3rd of the price of the Bose, gear...
I would say "no pain".
It sounds great, does the job radio and all, and plays podcasts from my iphone. :D

You get used to the hard look of the average airport ground staffer... all work boots, reflective vests and gloves.
At O'hare a few days ago...
Pass through ticket check and onto jetway to get to the plane,
About half way along the mostly empty jetway is a kinda tough look'en black girl,
Resplendent in her reflective vest.
I gave her a big "hi... How are you today?"
In response, she immediately smiled and said, in a truly angelic voice,
"Blessed." "thank you for asking, and how are you?"
... I smiled and said "wonderful."
.. but the thing is,
. for the moment, the very moment when she said the word "Blessed"...
she was the most adorable woman in the universe.
I could feel her sincerity... her quiet, unimposing confidence in that simple term.
The moment passed and she returned to the anonymity of random-ground-personnel,
But she left an impression. I'm not sure what it is, but I know I felt it.

Family has been so sick...
Suz worst of all, kind of five days behind me and my strepp.
Kids not so much... just colds, but I'm the clock is ticking and I worry that one or both will come down with strepp any day now.
Not sure how the antibiotic model works.
You know they tell you - quite emphatically - that you MUST finish your regime of pills.
So I get strepp and am prescribed 500 mg amox (three a day for ten days).
Suz is diag'ed and also prescribed amox, three a day, for ten days... but only the 250 mg capsules.
So by day 5 I've taken as much as she'll have taken in her full regime.
If we're both fighting the same battle... why the big diff?
(I can grok if it has something to do with the doc listening to me when I was all "I leave for Chicago this afternoon and I CANT BE SICK..." so maybe the dose is big for that reason. But can I just stop after 5 days? hmmm? (I haven't... I only have two days left... but geeze).
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Friday, May 6 [07 May 2011|12:44am]

Finished up work in Chicago at 4... and started thinking I could get to O'hare by 5, and get on standby for the 7PM flight, instead of the 9er. Drive in strange big-city rush-hour traffic... wee.... So I'm all reading and re-reading the driving instructions on my iphone... chanting the milestones (like "look for I190w to O'hare... look for i190w to O'hare...")

I got there, zoomed to an agent and ended up at my gate waiting... waiting to get switched on the big board from "Standby List" to the "Cleared List".
It happens, I get on the plane, we start to taxi... and the pilot comes on the PA to tell us it's going to be a long wait - because all of a sudden, every plane in sight wants to hurry up and take off. Seems a storm was on it's way. We taxied around and got in the air 40 minutes later... And then the closed the airport. The flight I was supposed to be on, at 9? Yeah, delayed. I would have had to sleep there.

Now... bottom line, I'm so freaking sick it's stupid.
Antibiotics were helping... but the strepp is not the big sucky part any more.
Now it's my head and throat. Just feel like crap.
Sadly... suz too. :(

Never-the-less... a busy day. :(
Kids up and off to school and back the hell in bed by 7:30.
Hospital by 11 to drop off the borrowed CPAP machine (RMS S9 Elite. :D)
And off to the sleep doc appointment... where he signs the forms that mean the provincial government will pay almost half the price of the new CPAP machine. And my insurance... pays the rest. !!!
Then over to MediGas to pick up my brand new gear. Heated air tube is cool. :)

Then to Physio... shoulder is doing a lot better but certain muscles are still freakishly tight. So I have hourly stretching requirements (that i don't do hourly... because it's impossible to remember...)

AND then... my first coffee of the day. (imagine... me!)

Worked a bit in the afternoon at my office but ended up bailing 'cuz ... I'm mostly a dead person.

So tonight has been vast catch-up-with-TV, curled up with Suz... while we cough and wheez. :(

This being sick thing... is totally at the pissing-me-off stage. !!
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Wednesday, May 4 (May the fourth be with you) [04 May 2011|11:36pm]

So about two days before I left for Chicago... (getting ready for 18 peeps for dinner) I started feeling ... awful.
By Monday I was "run over by a truck" guy.
In and out of the clinic with a 'script for antibiotics, in case it was strep and a fist full of Tylonal day time extra strength cold caps... in case it's just a bitch ass cold.

Either way... the net affect of being mr. 100% every freaking second of the business day with these new clients, and popp'en meds and fight'en the "awful", is that I am just flipp'en DOA by 9 at night. And, of course, I have a few hours of work to do each night, so when I get food sorted, and find an outlet mall to gather material goods... (LOL) I end up like that picture...

OK... enough of my tired woah... I can sleep when I'm dead and I've got lots to do before that. :D

I rented a Corolla for this trip... brand spanking new... like 30 miles on the ODO when I left O'hare
Vast blind spots on the left and right - result of a low ride vibe that is likely supposed to make the "cabin" feel bigger.
AND... and I'm not fool'en,
When you're cruize'en traffic at say 40 mph, and things slow a bit... you lift your foot off the gas... but it's just a little slow-down so you don't brake... just don't "Gas".
This results in the car SPEEDING UP. Not a lot, mind you, but freak'en eh man... it jumps up to 43, 44 in stead of trailing down to 38, 36.
In traffic this is a very disconcerting thing!
So no... we will not be buying a Toyota anything, TYVM.

It is always a hilarious slap to be reminded that it's really a real food...
Every time I pick up a menu and read "fish taco".
Seriously... yes, I went there. And I stand by it... freaking hilarious.

It's a highlight of any trip for work, to be driving to where ever and read highway on-ramp signs with such improbably things as "Turn Right to Indianna" and "Left to Wisconsin"
And every time I see a sign that says "The Tri-State Area"... I get all white-lab-coat-dufensmirtz P&F nostalgic. :D

... k, time to go.
Home tomorrow night. :D :D
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Sunday, May 1 [01 May 2011|08:28pm]
Saturday night... friends over for a big fondu feed.
Giant fatush salad, rediculous amounts of food...
Lots of kids!!! (and a wee baby... I got loads of baby snugg'en time!! :D)
We ate from 7 till pretty much midnight. lol.

A full table!!

A choco-fondu action shot!!

See this pic...

Guy in background, ET... always always pulls that face!!! LOL

Just a wonderful night.
~ little else warms my heart as well as filling my house with friends. :)
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